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On this new web page we will link to a selected set of freely available datasets and tools that are related to the different tasks of ImageCLEF.

Over the last years the ImageCLEF tasks got more and more challenging. One reason is e.g. the trend towards multi-modal approaches, another the growing size of the collections. The resources page will provide help for groups that have only expertise in one specialized field (e.g. text or image retrieval) as well as to those that plan to enter in one of the tasks next year.

The Datasets are all freely available, and will include in the future ImageCLEF collections that are not used anymore. Furthermore we plan to provide here feature sets for each collection.

The Tools page links to common state-of-the-art image and text retrieval toolboxes. We also plan to provide here scripts e.g. for feature extraction and whatever else is considered useful by the participants to share.