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Data sets

This page contains links to existing datasets that can be used to train your system while the official collections are not released yet.

  • ImageCLEF/IAPR TC 12 Photo Collection
  • Segmented IAPR dataset
  • The COLD Database - The COLD database contains image sequences captured using a regular and omni-directional cameras mounted on different mobile robot platforms together with laser range scans and odometry data. The data were recorded at three different indoor laboratory environments located in three different European cities under various weather and illumination conditions.
  • The IDOL2 Database - The database consists of 24 image sequences accompanied by laser scans and odometry data acquired using two mobile robot platforms, within an indoor laboratory environment consisting of five rooms of different functionality, under various illumination conditions and across a span of 6 months.
  • The INDECS Database - Several sets of pictures taken indoors, in five rooms of different functionality under various illumination and weather conditions at different periods of time.
  • ImageCLEF VCDT test collections - Test collections of the ImageCLEF Visual Concept Detection and Annotation Task (VCDT) from 2009-2011
  • ImageCLEF Wikipedia Image Retrieval Datasets - The Wikipedia image retrieval task ran as part of ImageCLEF for four years: 2008-2011.