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ImageCLEF 2012

Overview of ImageCLEF 2012

ImageCLEF 2012 is part of CLEF 2012 and will organize four main tasks:

There will also be an additional pilot task on Personal Photo Retrieval.
In collaboration with the CLEF-IP lab we promote the visual retrieval from flow charts in patents .

These tasks will benchmark the annotation and retrieval of diverse images such as general photographic and medical images, as well as domain-specific tasks such as plant identification and robot vision. The aim is to support and promote research that addresses key challenges in the field including:

  • modality classification and retrieval in the medical domain that moves closer to clinical practice and routine through classification tasks that consider complex, hierarchically organised, classes of modalities and retrieval tasks that support medical practitioners in their decision making
  • visual image annotation with concepts at various levels of abstraction that relies not only on manual, and thus reliable, training data, but also on automatically acquired, and thus noisy, labelled samples
  • scientific multimedia data management through the particular case of botanical data identification
  • the shift in the area of robot vision from visual place recognition to multimodal place recognition, and
  • the combination of visual features with highly diverse textual evidence, ranging from unstructured, to semi-structured, or even highly-structured textual annotations, as well as semantically enriched data.


Registration for ImageCLEF 2012 is now open! You need to register to our system and also sign an end user agreement. The registration will close on May 15, 2012.

Registration system

  • For people already registered in the past (not only in 2011, but also before), you can transfer your registration details to CLEF 2012 here.
  • If you have not registered in the past or you do not want to transfer your details, you can register here.

The end-user agreement can be found here.


Each of the tasks sets its own schedule. A (tentative) global schedule can be found below:

  • 15.2.2012: registration opens for all ImageCLEF tasks
  • 15.3.2012-30.4.2012: data release (depending on the task)
  • 15.4.2012-15.5.2012: topic release (depending on the task)
  • 15.5.2012: registration closes for all ImageCLEF tasks
  • 1.6.2012-30.6.2012: submission of runs (depending on the task)
  • 15.7.2012-31.7.2012: release of results (depending on the task)
  • 17.8.2012 : submission of working notes papers
  • 17.9.2012-20.9.2012: CLEF 2012 Conference, Rome, Italy


  • ImageCLEF 2012 overview presentation ,Barbara Caputo, Idiap Research Institute
  • 19.9.
    10h30-12h30 session chair: Alexis Joly

  • Overview of the ImageCLEF Flickr Photo Annotation and Retrieval Task , Bart Thomee, Yahoo, Spain
  • Overview of the ImageCLEF 2012 Scalable Web Image Annotation Task , Mauricio Villegas, University of Valencia, Spain
  • Overview of the ImageCLEF 2012 Personal Photo Retrieval Task, David Zellhöfer, University of Cottbus, Germany
  • Overview of the ImageCLEF 2012 Plant Identification Task, Hervé Goëau, INRIA, France
  • The ImageCLEF 2012 Robot Vision Task: overview and lessons learned, Barbara Caputo, Idiap Research Institute, Switzerland
  • Overview of the ImageCLEF 2012 medical retrieval and classification tasks, Alba García Seco de Herrera, HES-SO, Switzerland
  • 14h00-16h00 session chair: Bart Thomee

  • [Medical 1/3] IBM T.J. Watson Research Center Multimedia Analytics: Modality Classification and Case-Based Retrieval tasks of ImageCLEF2012, Michele Merler, IBM, USA
  • [Medical 2/3] Bioingenium at ImageCLEF 2012: Text and Visual Indexing for Medical Images, Raul Ramos, Universidad Nacional, Colombia
  • [Medical 3/3] The medGIFT Group in ImageCLEFmed 2012, Alba García Seco de Herrera, HES-SO, Switzerland
  • [Plant task 1/3] Sabanci-Okan at ImageCLEF2012 Plant Identification Competition: Combining Features and Classifiers, Berrin Yanikoglu, Sabanci and Okan Universities, Istanbul, Turkey
  • [Plant task 2/3] A Plant Identification System using Shape and Morphological Features on Segmented Leaflets, Shashwat Mishra, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India
  • [Plant task 3/3] Participation of LSIS/DYNI to ImageCLEF 2012 plant images classification,Sébastien Paris, Aix-Marseille and South Toulon-Var Universities, France
  • [Robot vision 1/2] Leveraging robust signatures for mobile robot semantic localization, Jorge Sanchez, University of Cordoba, Argentina
  • [Robot vision 2/2] UAIC participation at Robot Vision @ 2012 - An updated vision, Emanuela Boros, AI. I. Cuza University, Romania
  • 20.9
    9h30-10h30 session chair: Roberto Paredes

  • [FlickR 1/3] Visual Concepts Detection and Annotation using Histograms of Textual Concepts and Selective Weighted Late Fusion Scheme,Liu Ningning, LIRIS laboratory, Ecole Centrale de Lyon, France
  • [FlickR 2/3] CEA LIST's participation to the Concept Annotation Task of ImageCLEF 2012, Amel Znaidia, Aymen Shabou, Adrian Popescu and Hervé Le Borgne, CEA LIST, Fontenay-aux-Roses, France
  • [FlickR 3/3] IMU @ ImageCLEF 2012, Xueliang Yan, College of Computer Science, Inner Mongolia University Hohhot, China
  • [Photo Web task 1/1] ISI at ImageCLEF 2012: Scalable System for Image Annotation, Yoshitaka Ushiku, Intelligent Systems and Informatics Lab., the University of Tokyo, Japan
  • 11h00-12h00 session chair: Henning Müller

  • Presentations of new tasks and discussions on changes requested by participants
  • Ideas for liver tissue retrieval, Burak Acar, Technical University of Munich, Germany
  • 12h00-13h00 plenary demo session of live systems: session chair: David Zellhöfer
    The session will contain an oral presentation of each system.

    • Group name: LIRIS - ReVeS
      Demo name: Folia - A Mobile Application for Tree Species Identification
      Person presenting: Guillaume Cerutti - Laure Tougne
    • Group name: Inria & PlantNet, France
      Demo name: PlantNet Identify
      Person presenting: Hervé Goëau, Pierre Bonnet
    • Group name: DBIS, Germany
      Demo name: Pythia MIR system
      Person presenting: David Zellhöfer
    • Group name: DEMIR, Turkey
      Demo name: The DEMIR system in ImageCLEF 2012
      Person presenting: Adil Alpkocak

    14h00-15h00 session chair: Barbara Caputo

  • ImageCLEF 2013, decisions and directions


  • Group name: NPDI-LIP6, France
    Poster title: BossaNova at ImageCLEF 2012 Flickr Photo Annotation Task
    Person presenting: Sandra Avila (Sandra Eliza Fontes de Avila)
  • Group name: Bioingenium. Columbia
    Poster title: Medical Image Retrieval using Multimodal Data
    Person presenting:Jorge A. Vanegas
  • Group name: KIDS, Taiwan
    Poster title: KIDS-NUTN at ImageCLEF 2012 Photo Annotation and Retrieval Task
    Person presenting: Been-Chian Chien
  • Group name: UNED-UV, Spain
    Poster title: Using Visual Concept Features in a Multimodal Retrieval System for the Medical collection at ImageCLEF2012
    Person presenting: Ana Garcia-Serrano
  • Group name: URJCyUNED, Spain
    Poster title: URJCyUNED at ImageCLEF 2012 Photo Annotation task
    Person presenting: Jesús Sánchez-Oro Calvo
  • Group name: LIRIS - ReVeS, France
    Poster title: Tree Leaf Classification using Random Forests and Botanical Features
    Person presenting: Guillaume Cerutti - Laure Tougne
  • Group name: DBIS, Germany
    Poster title: DBIS' participation on the Plant Identification task
    Person presenting: Christoph Schmidt
  • Group name: Team IIT K 'The Who', India
    Poster title: A Plant Identification System using Shape and Morphological Features on Segmented Leaflets
    Person presenting: Shashwat Mishra, Akhil Arora
  • Group name: LSIS DYNI, France
    Poster title: Participation of LSIS/DYNI to ImageCLEF 2012 plant images classification task
    Person presenting: Sébastien Paris
  • Group name: PRA - Group, Italy
    Poster title: The PRA and AmILAB at ImageCLEF 2012 Photo Flickr Annotation Task
    Person presenting: Luca Piras
  • Group name: PRA - Grou, Italy
    Poster title: Image Hunter at ImageCLEF 2012 Personal Photo Retrieval Task
    Person presenting: Luca Piras
  • Group name: ISI, the university of Tokyo, Japan
    Poster title: ISI at Scalable Visual Concept Annotation Task
    Person presenting: Yoshitaka Ushiku, Takayuki Higuchi and Tatsuya Harada
  • Group name:DBRIS, Germany
    Poster title: DBRIS at ImageCLEF 2012 Photo Annotation Task
    Person presenting: Magdalena Rischka
  • Group name: CEA-List/LVIC, France
    Poster title : CEA LIST's participation to the Concept Annotation Task of ImageCLEF 2012
    Person presenting: Amel ZNAIDIA.
  • Group name: Brainsignals, Germany
    Poster title: Brainsignals Submission to Plant Identification Task at ImageCLEF 2012
    Person presenting: Cristian Grozea (Fraunhofer FOKUS, Berlin Germany)
  • Group name: ARTELAB
    Poster title: Fast Tree Leaf Image Retrieval using a Probabilistic Multi-class Support Vector Machine Classifier
    Presenter: Ignazio Gallo, Italy
  • Group name: RegimVid
    Poster title: REGIMvid at ImageCLEF2012: Improving Diversity in Personal Photo Ranking Using Fuzzy Logic
    Person presenting: Feki Ghada, Tunisia
  • Group name: RegimVid
    Poster title:REGIMvid at ImageCLEF2012: Concept-based Query Refinement and Relevance-based Ranking Enhancement for Image Retrieval
    Person presenting: Feki Ghada, Tunisia
  • Group name: medGIFT, Switzerland
    Poster title:The medGIFT Group in ImageCLEFmed 2012
    Person presenting: Alba G. Seco de Herrera
  • Group name: IMU, China
    Poster title: IMU @ ImageCLEF 2012
    Person presenting: Xueliang Yan
  • Group name: LIRIS, France
  • Group: LABERINTO, Spain
    Poster title: Query expansion strategies based on MeSH, MMTx and weighted expansion terms
    Person presenting: Jacinto Mata Vázquez and Mariano Crespo Azcárate