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Results of the ImageCLEF 2008 Medical Image Annotation Task

Results of the Medical Image Annotation Task in ImageCLEF 2008

Run error score
runs/ 74.92
runs/ 83.45
runs/ 83.79
runs/ 85.91
runs/ 93.20
runs/ 100.27
runs/ 105.75
runs/ 105.86
runs/ 109.37
runs/ 117.17
runs/ 128.58
runs/ 182.77
runs/ 187.90
runs/ 190.38
runs/ 190.38
runs/ 194.26
runs/ 210.93
runs/ 217.34
runs/ 227.82
runs/ 241.11
runs/ 251.97
runs/ 286.48
runs/ 290.50
runs/ 313.01

The correct classification of the 1000 test images is available here and the evaluation tool which is available from the task website can be used to evaluate additional runs.

If you would like to add information regarding the used method, or a link to your groups website to your runs, please feel free to contact me and I will add the information to this site.

Thomas Deselaers

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