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Why and how to participate?

ICPR is a major event in the pattern recognition field and comparing your techniques to other participants helps everyone to understand techniques and their performance in a better way. You will get data sets and evaluation basically for free and can publish on this data. Registration is free of charge and a registration interface for participation in the four tasks is set up here.
The schedule is set so you can submit your techniques with these runs also to the main conference.
We plan to give the possibility to submit later as well and be included in the competition as well.

Contest description:

The ImageCLEF@ICPR challenge proposes four tasks that are based on data and/or tasks previously organized in the context of the ImageCLEF benchmark. All tasks are modified to not give past ImageCLEF participants a large advantage.
The four proposed tasks are:

  • Visual concept detection task: automatically annotating a set of images with key words of an ontology in a multi-label classification scenario.
  • Robot vision task: classify images taken from a robot into a predefined set of rooms/places.
  • Information fusion task: release of the best four visual and textual runs of the ImageCLEF medical image retrieval task; participants need to combine these runs to obtain the best overall performance (training data from a comparable task of the past).
  • Interactive retrieval task: interactive retrieval at the ICPR conference with “bring your own laptop”.

All tasks are totally independent one from another, so please look at the task web pages from more details. The task organisers are responsible for the task and their contact details are mentioned on the web pages.

Data description:

Data will be described on the pages of each sub task.

Performance and evaluation criteria:

The performance criteria will be fixed separately for each task.

Publication Policy and Event on ICPR

The organization about the presentation of the results of the contests is still ongoing. By now the following things are considered.

  • Working notes and overview papers will be included at an USB stick/CD and handed out to every participant on the conference
  • There will be a workshop per contest to be organized at ICPR (probably Sunday prior to the conference). This workshop will include oral sessions + poster sessions. The ICPR organizers are still finalizing the details on this.
  • Probably a demo room only for the contests will be allocated during ICPR, which can be used for demonstrations by contest participants.
  • The organizers of ImageCLEF@ICPR plan to organize a journal paper for each task with all interested participants, given that the methods submitted are interesting enough to present in a journal.
  • Of course you are encouraged to submit your methods and the evaluation results of the contests to the main conference. These papers will undergo the normal ICPR review process. For further information please have a look at the conference website.

Important dates:

Here the general dates that are refined by task, so please on the dates for the task that you are interested in:
31.10.2009 Release of training data
30.11.2009 Release of test data, and of data for the multimodal fusion task
22.12.2009-3.1.2010 Submission of results
7.1.2010 Release of results
15.1.2010 Paper submission of main conference
15.4.2010 Deadline for late submissions (depending on the tasks)
30.4.2010 Deadline for overview papers for contests (written by us, the contest organisers)
25.05.2010 Deadline for LNCS Postproceedings
1.6.2010 Data for the interactive task is made available
23.8.-26.8.2010 Conference – Interactive Retrieval Session

Organizers and affiliations:

  • Barbara Caputo, IDIAP Research Institute, Martigny, Switzerland,
  • Stefanie Nowak, Fraunhofer IDMT, Germany,
  • Jana Kludas, Computer Vision and Multimedia Laboratory, University of Geneva, Switzerland,
  • Andrzej Pronobis, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden,
  • Henning Müller, University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland, Sierre, and University of Geneva, Switzerland,
  • Jayashree Kalpathy-Cramer, OHSU, Portland, OR, USA,