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Frequently Asked Questions 2016

Here is a list of frequently asked questions for the 2016 edition of ImageCLEF. Other answers for common questions can be found at

Do I need to attend the CLEF 2016 conference in order to participate?
No, you don't. Attendance to the CLEF conference is not mandatory to participate. However, it is highly encouraged since many researchers from around the world working on the same topics will be there to present their techniques and results.

Can I present my techniques/submissions at CLEF 2016?
Yes, all groups for which the paper is accepted can present their results, and we hope all of you do. The groups with the best systems will be invited to give an oral presentation. All other groups will be given the option to present a poster.

Do I need to submit a paper in order to participate?
It is expected that participants submit a paper. This is important so that the systems that participated in the evaluation can be properly compared. If the techniques used are well known or already published elsewhere, the paper would concentrate more on the details of the submissions and discussion of the results.

Will the submitted papers be peer reviewed? Can they be rejected?
Yes, the papers will be peer reviewed and if found inappropriate could be rejected. However, acceptance should be easily attainable to anyone participating, since having a description for all of the submissions is important for the evaluation. In most cases papers will be conditionally accepted, requiring modifications in order to meet its expected objectives. Take into account that the papers will not be judged based on originality (unlike normal conference or journal papers) but on accuracy of the description of the submitted systems and used parameters, ideally so that other researchers could potentially reproduce them.