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Theseus/ImageCLEF workshop on visual information retrieval evaluation


The THESEUS/ImageCLEF Workshop on Visual Information Retrieval Evaluation was held in Corfu, Greece on September 29, 2009 and invited contributions from the following fields:

  • Evaluation of Visual Information Retrieval and Annotation Methods
  • Image Retrieval / Image Annotation with Application on Photos, Medical data and Robotic vision
  • Multi-label Image Annotation supported by Knowledge Structures (Ontologies)

The workshop was open to everyone interested in one of the fields. Registration was free.

The workshop was co-located with the CLEF 2009 Workshop(

Date: September 29, 2009
Organizers: Peter Dunker, Henning Müller, Stefanie Nowak, Judith Liebetrau
Location: University of Corfu, Greece, Department of Informatics, Plateia Tsirigoti 7, Aretaios Building, Room 3, Second Floor (see numbers 7,8).


The THESEUS/ImageCLEF workshop follows the tradition of preceeding QUAERO and MUSCLE Workshops between 2005 and 2008. The aim of this workshop is similar to the aim of its predecessors in giving better perspective to participants of ImageCLEF and allow for discussion of topics related to visual information retrieval. Additionally, a special focus is set on information retrieval supported by structured knowledge, e.g. by using ontologies.

Call for Papers

Here you can find the detailed Call for Papers.


The Workshop Program is now available. Additionally, a Proceedings Preview with all paper titles and all authors is now available. The proceedings are published with ISBN and can be accessed at the Fraunhofer Verlag (the full text .pdf is available here). The proceedings were handed out to the participants of the workshop in digital and printed form.

Time Speaker Title
9:30h Henning Müller Opening - Welcome to Workshop/ Overview ImageCLEF 2009
9:45h Panayiotis Vlamos Welcome of the University
10:00h Ralf Schäfer Invited Keynote: Theseus Project - Semantic and Image Processing Technologies and its Applications (slides)
10:45h Jussi Karlgren Affect, Appeal, and Sentiment as Factors Influencing Interaction with Multimedia Information (slides)
11:05h Coffee Break
11:25h Mark Huiskes Hierarchical Annotation of Large Image Collections (slides)
11:45h Stefanie Nowak A Consumer Photo Tagging Ontology: Concepts and Annotations (slides)
12:05h Theodora Tsikrika Are clickthrough data reliable as image annotations? (slides)
12:25h István Petrás SzTAKI@ImageCLEF 2009 (slides)
12:45h Lunch
14:45h Stefan Rüger Invited Keynote: More than a thousand words (slides)
15:30h Hugo Jair On the SAIAPR TC-12 Benchmark (slides)
15:50h Teerapong Leelanupab Application and Evaluation of Multi-Dimensional Diversity (slides)
16:10h Coffee Break
16:30h Alexander Loos Evaluation of Algorithms for the Summarization of Photo Collections (slides)
16:50h Alexander Dmitruk Multidimensional structural descriptors for medical image retrieval (slides)
17:10h Adil Alpokocak Ontology-based Annotation and Retrieval System for Digital Mammography Images (slides)
17:30h Final Discussion
20:00 Workshop Dinner

Keynote Speaker

Stefan Rüger, Knowledge Media Institute, The Open University
Title: "More than a thousand words"
This talk examines the challenges and opportunities of Multimedia Search, i.e., finding multimedia by fragments, examples and excerpts. What is the state-of-the-art in finding known items in a huge database of images? Can your mobile phone take a picture of a statue and tell you about its artist and significance? What is the importance of geography as local context of queries? To which extent can automated image annotation from pixels help the retrieval process? Does external knowledge in terms of ontologies or other resources help the process along?

Ralf Schäfer, Department Image Processing, Fraunhofer HHI
Title: "Theseus Project - Semantic and Image Processing Technologies and its Applications"

Important Dates

24.07.2009 – Paper Submission Deadline (Extended Abstract)
15.08.2009 – Authors Notification
01.09.2009 – Final Paper Submission (Camera Ready)
29.09.2009 – Theseus/ImageCLEF Workshop in Corfu

To contact the organizers, please send an email to

The workshop was sponsored by the THESEUS Programm and co-organized by the Fraunhofer IDMT and the Ionian University Department of Informatics.